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Winner announced for 2011!

Once again, it is that time of the year where we look back on all of the entries received in this years quest for the "World Champion Liar."

This year's winner is Gary Gitlaff from Kenosha, Wis.

"The Ground Hog Day 2011 snowstorm was so severe that by the time I dug by car out of the snow, I had to put antique plates on it."

Runners up for 2011 include:

The other day I attended my first baseball game. All through the game, I kept hearing a dog barking. Finally, toward the end of the game, I asked the person next to me what was with the dog barking. He told me, "The home plate umpire's sight is so bad he has his dog help him. One bark is a strike, two barks is a ball, one quick howl is an out and a long howl means the runner is safe at home."

Dennis "Shrub" Busch, Burlington


I have an unwanted collection of chairs. It seems that every time I visit a doctor's office, the receptionist asks me to please take a chair, so I do.

Frank Seurer, Fond du Lac


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Joel Weis